Play & Food – Embracing Quality of Life. Danish outdoor kitchen design

Visual Story has produced an exhibition with Danish outdoor kitchen design at Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair, Tel Aviv, 2017.
The exhibition presents 4 designs by Nina Tolstrup, Mette Schelde, Torben Eriksen and Morten Kryger Wulff.

The concept:
The creative process of designing involves all areas of life. The character of design shapes our cultures and goes hand in hand with fundamental questions regarding quality of life, which lead to additional questions of quality, economy, ecology, and

Danish design has a long and rich history. More recently, we have seen a vibrant and refreshing design scene emerging in Denmark, and some of the strong new influences are deeply connected to the concept of quality of life.

The fact that food brings people together has been seized upon by Danish designers, who are keen to distance their discipline from the materialistic, status-driven obsessions of the recent past. Sharing food is a democratic statement in which communal pleasure is more important than any individual contribution, and dining has become an ideal vehicle for expressing design’s new humanistic approach.

Curator: Nina Tolstrup. Project Manager: Lotte L. Zeuthen/Visual Story.
Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and Grosserer L. F. Foghts Fond.

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